Google CEO - Google is not about blue links, ex-CEO Eric Schmidt says

Former Google executive chairman and CEO, Eric Schmidt, emphasized that Google's essence lies in organizing the world's information, not just blue links, during a recent CNBC interview. 

Schmidt highlighted the evolving role of AI in providing direct answers rather than traditional search results, indicating a significant shift in Google's future direction.

Schmidt's insights shed light on the changing landscape of Google Search, where AI is poised to revolutionize how information is accessed and delivered. 

Current CEO Sundar Pichai foresees a transformative shift towards a Search Generative Experience, signaling a departure from conventional search paradigms.

The integration of AI into Google's ecosystem is expected to enhance user experiences and advertising effectiveness. 

Schmidt envisions AI-powered responses as a lucrative avenue for Google to optimize advertising strategies and deliver more targeted and impactful campaigns, leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

Schmidt's perspective on the underappreciated potential of AI underscores the imminent arrival of advanced artificial intelligence technologies. 

He anticipates a rapid evolution in AI capabilities, suggesting that the transformative impact of AI will be realized sooner than previously anticipated, potentially within the next five years rather than the previously projected two-decade timeline.


Eric Schmidt's insights into Google's future direction highlight the pivotal role of AI in transforming search experiences and advertising effectiveness, setting the stage for a dynamic evolution in how information is accessed and utilized.